Manage Your ADHD

Without Losing Your S#&T!
Snappy Tracker Tracks

We Know…

  • You just saw it last week
  • You know it’s here somewhere
  • You’ll have to buy another one, again
Sound Familiar?

Find Anything, Stress Nothing. Start for Free Today!

Sound Familiar?

Find Anything, Stress Nothing. Start for Free Today!

Fact: You can't change the world

and search for Shoes at the same time

This simple ADHD App Can Get You Out The Door!

First, List all the items you frequently "misplace"

It's really Fast, and Easy, I promise!

Start with the most common items you don’t already have one of those snazzy Bluetooth smart tracking tags on.

Choose from hundreds of existing photos (more added every week.) SnappyTracker Image Gallery

Or, take your own with your phone. Give it a name, tag the room and the spot/furniture (if you want), and you’re good.

Click any item To See where you left it last

On the items page, you’ll see the location, the spot, category, and any additional notes you might have left.

No one wants To spend Time In an App. I had to make this fast. Change the Location or spot, in two taps.

1. Tap the room or spot it’s currently in and the screen loads all available places you can put it. 

2. Tap the new place, and your done, it updates instantly.

If you move something, see something, find something, mark it, you’ll thank you later.

Sure it takes two seconds, but it beats rummaging through your dirty laundry for twenty minutes… again.

I hear you, you're like me, Adding new stuff has to be quick and easy. or Else, I lose interest, Right?

Tap the little PLUS symbol in the tray to bring up the “Add New” Menu from any screen in the app.

Use your camera to take photos of items, containers, rooms and categories

Create custom icons to help identify your stuff.

Wait, Why not just use Bluetooth Smart Tags?

Great question! I love smart tags.  I have one on my wallet, keys, briefcase, dog collars, and luggage, they are fantastic, but I can’t put them on everything.

Can't Tag

My problem is that I lose everything! Trying to tag my glasses, tools, medications, and let’s not even talk about storage.

It’s tough, here are a few things I failed at tagging.  So, I built SnappyTracker instead.

things you can't tag
bluetooth tagging fobs

I know, your busy, We're always "busy", but...

Life can be a lot easier for those of us with focus and memory challenges with a little help. Less stress is always a good thing.

Keep track of your supplies

Imagine not having to purchase the same piece of photography equipment, painting supplies, crafts, or batteries multiple times!
house flooded

Find your tools when you need them the most

You don’t need eight rolls of electrical tape, but when you need one you need it!

woman tracking insurance items

Log your valuables for insurance

You know that list of things that you were supposed to give your insurance company that you haven’t had time for yet?

woman managing inventory

Track All Your Business Inventory

Remember that thing you listed on Etsy, OfferUp, or Facebook months ago? The buyer is on their way over now.

Some of the most amazing people

have Struggled, And succeeded with aDHD

Creativity and multi-tasking are valuable ADHD traits, but keeping track of things, not so much.

Albert Einstein
Lisa Ling
Eleanor Roosevelt
Walt Disney
Katherine Ellison
Solange Knowles
Leonardo da Vinci
John F. Kennedy
John Lennon
Simone Biles
Simone Biles
John Lennon
John F. Kennedy
Leonardo da Vinci
Solange Knowles
Eleanor Roosevelt
Albert Einstein
Walt Disney

So the Question is,

What is Your Time Worth?

The average American will spend about 60 hours a year searching for stuff. With ADHD that translates to roughly two to three hundred hours (kidding, sorta, that’s about my time though).

My Time / Value Calculator

Calculator (#3)

free forever plans available


FREE Forever

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Power User Plan

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$14.99 / month

Home business plan

Billed Monthly
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here's your chance.

If you like this idea, fantastic, but ... Are you like me?
do you need this solution in your life?

I’m looking for a limited number of Beta Testers who will benefit most from this. 

No previous experience is required.

You will receive a lifetime Power User Plan and all future upgrades if selected. 

Apply early while we still have spots!

Beta List (#4)
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